Visit to Valerie Teo Chiropractic

What to expect for your first visit at Valerie Teo Chiropractic?

First visit to Valerie Teo Chiropractic:

Consult with your chiropractor

After filling up the initial consult form, your assigned chiropractor will take a full medical history and concerns about your condition. If you have any imaging studies such as X-Ray or MRIs it will be reviewed as well.

Followed by a list of examinations that your chiropractor will do to reinforce diagnosis of the condition. Such as physical, neurological and orthopaedic examination. This will include analyzing your posture and checking your body range of movement.

Chiropractic Management

Your chiropractor will then explain and discuss a chiropractic plan tailored to your needs along with suggested advice on postural and lifestyle changes prior to a chiropractic adjustment.

First Chiropractic treatment

After doing a thorough history and examination, if your condition do not have any clinical doubt for referral, your chiropractor will proceed to treatment called an adjustment.

Chiropractic Adjustment

“usually performed with the chiropractor’s hand namely called an adjustment whereby it is defined as a high velocity, low-amplitude, controlled thrust, by hand or instrument, on a specific joint articulation.”

Following the first chiropractic adjustment, some people may feel a slight soreness. This occurs as the body re-aligns and generally only lasts a short time of approximately 24-48 hours.

Things to take note:

Please note that imaging studies are not compulsory during the first visit unless clinically necessary before proceeding to treatment.

Please set aside about 1 hour for your first visit and up to half an hour for your follow up visit. We request our patients to be on time to be fair to us and other patients.

What about the subsequent visits at Valerie Teo Chiropractic?

Subsequent visits

In your second and subsequent consultations the chiropractor will continue with the treatment plan as outlines in your first visit.  

Not responding to treatment plan

If for some reason your body is not responding as anticipated, or we have found one treatment type that is not as effective as another your chiropractor will alter the treatment as required during your consult.

New pain or new condition?

If you come in with a new problem then the chiropractor will assess you again to form another diagnosis.


Chiropractic treatment does not take long. The treatment is not gauge by the length of time but is totally dependent on the severity and intensity of condition when presented to the clinic. The duration stated for initial and subsequent visits varies and is only an estimated time.

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