Meet your local chiropractor, Valerie Teo at Race Course Road

Valerie Teo Chiropractic is a professional clinic with a friendly, positive atmosphere where you and your family can find comfort to safely get treatment.

We care for a range of people of all age and walks of life from pregnant mothers, babies and children, athletes, office workers and elderly as well as your furry friends. Whether to enhance performance, address injury or illness or simply for preventative care, our chiropractor at Valerie Teo Chiropractor Pte. Ltd. will be there for you.

At Valerie Teo Chiropractic Pte. Ltd. we aim to optimize the full potential of you and your family’s health by detecting any abnormal or restricted moment of the joint in the spine and extremities.

ALL BY the use of Hand that explains what true chiropractic is. 

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